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the Republic of China

  1. A state of East Asia that existed from 1912 to 1949, which historically claimed China proper, Taiwan, the whole of Mongolia (including Outer Mongolia), Tuva, Tibet and Manchuria, with two successor states, the People's Republic of China and Taiwan.
    • 1943 December 24, Franklin Roosevelt, Fireside Chat 27: On the Tehran and Cairo Conferences[1], Miller Center, 9:20 from the start:
      I met in the Generalissimo a man of great vision, great courage, and a remarkably keen understanding of the problems of today and tomorrow. We discussed all the manifold military plans for striking at Japan with decisive force from many directions, and I believe I can say that he returned to Chungking with the positive assurance of total victory over our common enemy. Today we and the Republic of China are closer together than ever before in deep friendship and in unity of purpose.
  2. This de facto state as it exists today; Taiwan.
    • 1982 January 17, “U.S., ROC and Red China”, in Free China Weekly[2], volume XXII, number 3, Taipei, page 3:
      From now on, we must work harder to prove two points:
      . . .
      Second, that the Chinese Communists are not to be trusted and that sooner or later, in one way or another, they are going to attempt to destroy the Republic of China and seize Taiwan.



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