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Clipping of Protestant, as pronounced in an accent with flapping.

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Prod (plural Prods)

  1. (Ireland, UK, slang, sometimes derogatory) A Protestant, (as termed by Roman Catholics), that is in the context of their religious beliefs, or those who have been born in the Protestant tradition, or sometimes those implied to be Protestant by their political ideology of Irish unionism or Ulster loyalism.
    "I don't want my daughter marrying a dirty Prod," he said.
    • 2022, Liam McIlvanney, The Heretic, page 47:
      'Could be a lot of things,' McCormack said. 'Still, it narrows things down. Probably a Prod [] '.
    • [2023 August 23, Rory Carroll, “Files reveal terms ministers were warned not to use in Northern Ireland”, in The Guardian[1], →ISSN:
      It was sound advice for anyone visiting Northern Ireland in 1999 and remains so today: do not refer to Protestants as “Prods”, or to Catholics as “Fenians” or “Taigs”, and whatever you do don’t refer to your visit as “being out here”.]

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It is most commonly used in Ireland and Scotland, though usage is not limited to those regions.

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Romanian edit

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Borrowed from Hungarian Pród, from Old Church Slavonic прѫдъ (prǫdŭ, sand bank). Doublet of prund.

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Prod m

  1. A village in Hoghilag, Sibiu, Romania