flapping (not comparable)

  1. that flaps or flap
    flapping sails

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flapping (countable and uncountable, plural flappings)

  1. An instance where one flaps.
  2. (phonology) A phonological process found in many dialects of English, especially American English and Canadian English, by which intervocalic /t/ and /d/ surface as the alveolar flap /ɾ/ before an unstressed syllable, so that words such as "metal" and "medal" are pronounced similarly or identically.
  3. (computing, telecommunications) The situation where a resource, a network destination, etc., is advertised as being available and then unavailable (or available by different routes) in rapid succession.
  4. (uncountable) The unlicensed racing of horses or greyhounds.
    • 2009, Mark Clapson, The Routledge Companion to Britain in the Twentieth Century (page 332)
      Greyhound racing had its origins in whippet racing, which was derived in turn from hare coursing. By the early twentieth century, however, a form of dog racing held in 'flapping tracks' was a common pastime in the wastelands near working-class areas of industrial cities.
    • 2016, Gerald Hammond, The Language of Horse Racing (page 81)
      Flapping is racing which is not licensed by the Jockey Club. [] Anyone found participating in, or even attending, flapping races is liable to be warned off.
    • 2016, David Matthews, Man Buys Dog
      Flapping is the arse end of greyhound racing, the lowest of the low. Part sport, part fairground attraction, flapping is the bare-knuckle fighting of dog racing.



  1. present participle of flap