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From Ancient Greek Πτολεμαῖος (Ptolemaîos).

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  1. A male given name from Ancient Greek of Greek origin, borne by historical persons in ancient Egypt.
    1. Claudius Ptolemaeus (c. 90 – c. 168 AD), a Greek-speaking mathematician, geographer, astronomer, and astrologer who lived in the Hellenistic culture of Alexandria in Roman Egypt. His most important works were the Almagest and the Geography
    2. Ptolemy I Soter ("Ptolemy the Savior", 367 BC—283 BC), a Macedonian general under Alexander the Great who was the ruler of Egypt (323 B.C.E—283 B.C.E) and founder of the Ptolemaic Empire. In 305 BC he took the role of King.
    3. The Egyptian ruling dynasty of peoples who held the given name Ptolemy.

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