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From quārtadecima (diēs) (fourteenth (day)) +‎ -ānī, after Classical quārtadecimānī (soldiers of the fourteenth legion). Compare to Tessarescaedecatītae.

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Quārtadecimānī m pl (genitive Quārtadecimānōrum); second declension

  1. a name given to the followers of the fourth-century heretical movement of Audianism which honored the death of Christ on the eve of Jewish Passover on fourteenth day of Nisan instead of Easter Sunday; Quartodecimans, Audians

Declension edit

Second-declension noun, plural only.

Case Plural
Nominative Quārtadecimānī
Genitive Quārtadecimānōrum
Dative Quārtadecimānīs
Accusative Quārtadecimānōs
Ablative Quārtadecimānīs
Vocative Quārtadecimānī

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  • English: Quartodeciman