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  1. renminbi.

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RMB (plural RMBs)

  1. (US, Australia) Initialism of roadside mailbox: part of a postal system used in rural areas where several houses collect their mail from a cluster of mailboxes at the roadside.
    • 1997, Nicholas Polunin, Lynn M. Curme, World Who is Who and Does What in Environment & Conservation, page 103,
      Address: RMB 35 Beaumont Crescent, The Ridgeway, Queanbeyan. New South Wales 2620, Australia.
    • 2005, Katy Mallett (editor), Photographers, Flora of Australia: Volume 44B: Poaceae 3, Australian Biological Resources Study, page x,
      [] The Centre for Crop Improvement, RMB 944 Calala Lane, Tamworth, New South Wales 2340.
    • 2005, Paul Smitz, Australia & New Zealand on a Shoestring[1], page 94:
      Sid Fogg′s Coaches ([phone:] 4928 1088;; RMB 2324 Main Rd, Fullerton Cove) [] .
  2. (Britain) Initialism of Royal Marine Base.
  3. (computing) Initialism of Right Mouse Button.

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  • (mailbox): Chiefly used in mailing addresses; e.g., Mr Smith, RMB 5, Smalltown.

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