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Proper nounEdit


  1. The Royal Observer Corps, a United Kingdom defence organisation (1925 to 1992).
  2. The Republic of China (all senses)
  3. (Canada) The "Rest of Canada", i.e. Canada excluding the province of Quebec.
    • 2002, L. Yves Fortier, "A Mature Exercise of Sovereignty," Osgoode Hall Law Journal, vol. 40, no. 3-4, p. 426:
      [T]he old and tired purveyors of separatism in Québec continue to harp on what they contend Québec is not—essentially, “not the ROC”—in order to peddle their snake oil.
    • 2014 March 7, Jeffrey Simpson, "The rest of Canada will have choices to make," Globe and Mail (Canada) (retrieved 7 April 2014):
      If Quebeckers believe that voting PQ means putting a knife to Canada’s throat, they should think again. The ROC is fed up with these threats.
  4. The Republic of (the) Congo.


ROC (plural ROCs)

  1. (mathematics, of a series) Initialism of region of convergence.