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  1. A Scottish surname, a byname from Old English rēad (red).[1]
  2. An English surname, a variant of Reed.
  3. An Irish surname, an anglicization of Réid, a byname from Anglo-Norman le Rede (the red).
  4. An Irish surname, a translation of Ó Maoildeirg (descendant of the red chief) (Mulderrig).
  5. An Irish surname, an adopted anglicization of Ó Maoilbhríghde (Mulready).
  6. A male given name transferred from the surname.
  7. A suburb of Canberra, Australia; named for George Reid, 4th Prime Minister of Australia.
  8. A CDP in Maryland, United States.
  9. An unincorporated community in West Virginia, United States.

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