ring +‎ nut, by analogy with wingnut.


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Ringnut (plural Ringnuts)

  1. (slang, humorous or derogatory) A fan of the opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner.
    • 2007, Charles McGrath, "‘Ring’ Pilgrims: On the Horns of a Devotion", The New York Times, 8 July 2007:
      Ringnuts have been known to wear plastic versions of those helmets while standing in line outside the opera house.
    • 2008, Daniel J. Wakin, "‘Ring’ Fans and the Met Lock Horns Over Ticket Rule ", The New York Times, 10 April 2008:
      For Ringnuts who may be alarmed by the new ticket policy, there is a modest loophole, discovered by Mr. Hardt.
    • 2008 June 15, graham, “Re: Where is everyone?”, in uk.food+drink.misc, Usenet[1]:
      It's the same with Wagner's operas (apart from Dutchman) - one is either a "Ringnut" or completely indifferent.
  2. (slang, humorous or derogatory) A fan of the novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien and/or the film trilogy based on it.
    • 2003 December 22, toto, “Fun for non-Tolkien fans (was Re: DON'T PUT SPOILERS IN SUBJECT LINES)”, in misc.kids, Usenet[2]:
      27. Sit next to a ringnut and ask "so what's the deal with the ring?" every time it comes on the screen
    • 2004 March 18, Rob Jensen, “Re: Yesterday episode”, in alt.tv.gilmore-girls, Usenet[3]:
      And to borrow a LotR reference for a moment -- and forgive me, 'cause I'm just a casual fan of the LotR movies, not a Ringnut -- Emily is Bilbo to Lorelai's Frodo and Rory's Sam.
    • 2006 August 26, webmaster@themovieaddict.com, “Retrospective: Dead Alive (1992)”, in rec.arts.movies.reviews, Usenet[4]:
      And I'm sure I'll get plenty of hate mail for single-handedly declaring all Ringnuts and Jackson fanboys are losers when I'm the guy spending time writing a review to post on the Internet, but hey, I never said I wasn't a hypocrite.