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Meaning (4) is inaccurateEdit

I came here from wikipedia, so sorry if my style is incorrect. The definition for Noun (4) (Physics) may not be accurate. Other sources I've seen including Wikipedia define it more abstractly, without using the word "force" -- which has a specific technical meaning in physics. My interpretation would be something like: A region of space in which every point is, or can be, assigned the value of a physical entity such as: temperature (a "scalar field"); wind velocity or magnetic force ("vector fields"); or more abstract theoretical qualities such as potential energy.

The important thing is that it's not the "region affected by a force" that's important, but rather a specific quality of the region. Temperature, for example, is a field (every point in a region of space can be assigned a temperature) which isn't directly associated with a force.


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Not to be connected with Cornish GWEAL[2] (arable field), that might be a pre-Celtic word of ultimate Ugric origin = Magyar FOLDE[4] (ground). English FOLD (ground) can only be derived from that word if assimulated by the Germanic tribes in the countries mentioned, from when the Finn-Ugric was spoken throughout that part of Europe. FOLM[1] (palm of the hand) is side tracking, but may be derived from the root of FOLD[5] (ply). (Danish inflected) Etymology3 of [mani]FOLD is linked with that of FOLD1[6]. Andrew H. Gray 21:24, 2 September 2015 (UTC) Andrew (talk)

[0] means 'Absolutely not; [1] means 'Exceedingly unlikely'; [2] means 'Very dubious'; [3] means 'Questionable'; [4] means 'Possible'; [5] means 'Probable'; [6] means 'Likely'; [7] means 'Most Likely' or *Unattested; [8] means 'Attested'; [9] means 'Obvious' - only used for close matches within the same language or dialect, at linkable periods.

mathematical & physical senseEdit

a mathematical structure of some procedural formalism

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