cy-adj (feminine singular cy-adj, plural cy-adj)

This template is designed for the lemma of all Welsh adjectives.


Only use this template for the adjective's lemma entry (positive singular).

This template should be placed in Welsh adjective sections, immediately following the ===Adjective=== section header. It provides the inflection line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Welsh adjectives.

As with other Wiktionary inflection templates, please do not use subst:.


This template requires one unnamed parameter. All adjectives should have this unnamed parameter. Regular adjectives may have only the one required parameter, or they may include additional named parameters (in any order) as well. Irregular adjectives will require one or more of the additional named parameters.

If in doubt abut the forms displayed in the inflection line, simply use {{cy-adj}} to generate the inflection line. In cases where the unnamed parameter is omitted, the inflection line will simply show the pagename in bold, and the entry will be added to Category:Requests for attention concerning Welsh. Someone else will then add the necessary parameters.

Unnamed parameters

For all adjectives, include the following parameter:

{{{1}}} - inflection pattern

The parameter {{{1}}} takes one of the following values:

- : specifies that the adjective is not comparable.
mwy : specifies that the comparative uses mwy, and that the other forms similarly add preceding words.
ach : specifies that the comparative adds the ending -ach, and that the other forms similarly add the usual suffixes.

Since this parameter is unnamed, it is not necessary to explicitly specify "1=". Simply include one of the specified values to identify the inflection pattern.

Named parameters

The most commonly required named parameter is:

{{{pl}}} - plural form

The parameter {{{pl}}} is required when the plural form differs from the lemma form. When {{{pl}}} is omitted, the template assumes that the singular and plural are the same.

If the adjective has a distinct feminine form, specify it using:

{{{f}}} - feminine

If the adjective's stem changes when suffixes are added (to form the comparative, superlative, and equative), specify the altered stem using:

{{{stem}}} - stem

Irregular adjectives will require one or more additional parameters, as follows:

{{{eq}}} - equative form
{{{comp}}} - comparative form
{{{sup}}} - superlative form

Fully regular adjectives do not require these parameters, although they may be used. It is also possible to specify the headword form in exceptional situations by using the parameter {{{head}}}.


  1. Using ach with no plural - hapus (happy) :
    {{ cy-adj | ach }}
    hapus (plural hapus, equative hapused, comparative hapusach, superlative hapusaf)
    The first parameter value identifies the ach inflection pattern with suffixes. The plural is identical to the singular, and so need not be included.
  2. Using ach with a plural - glas (blue) :
    {{ cy-adj | ach | pl=gleision }}
    glas (plural gleision, equative glased, comparative glasach, superlative glasaf)
    The first parameter value identifies the ach inflection pattern with suffixes. The plural is different form the singular and so must be specified.
  3. Using mwy - gogleddol (northern) :
    {{ cy-adj | mwy | eq=ogleddol }}
    gogleddol (plural gogleddol, equative cyn ogleddol, comparative mwy gogleddol, superlative mwyaf gogleddol)
    The first parameter value identifies the mwy inflection pattern. Since no plural is specified, it is assumed to be the same as the singular. The equative form has mutation, and so must be specified.
  4. Separate feminine form - gwyrdd (green) :
    {{ cy-adj | ach | f=gwerdd }}
    gwyn (feminine gwerdd, equative gwyrdded, comparative gwyrddach, superlative gwyrddaf)
  5. Stem-changing - caled (hard) :
    {{ cy-adj | ach | stem=calet }}
    caled (plural caled, equative caleted, comparative caletach, superlative caletaf)
    The comparative (and other forms) exhibit a stem change, so the stem is specified.
  6. Irregular - da (good) :
    {{ cy-adj | ach | eq=cystal | comp=gwell | sup=gorau }}
    da (plural da, equative cystal, comparative gwell, superlative gorau)
    The adjective is irregular, so all forms must be specified (except for the plural, which is identical to the singular). The value for {{{1}}} is still necessary to specify that mwy is not added to the front of the inflected forms.