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Etymology edit

From Middle High German thimiān, alteration of thymiāme, from Latin thymiama, from Ancient Greek θυμίαμα (thumíama, incense). The sense through association with thymum, θύμον (thúmon, thyme), probably already in Latin (if not Greek itself), as thyme was a commonly used incense. Whether the two words are originally related is uncertain.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈtyːmi̯a(ː)n/, [ˈtyː.mi.aːn], [ˈtyː.mjaːn], [-an]
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Noun edit

Thymian m (strong, genitive Thymians, plural (rare) Thymiane)

  1. thyme

Declension edit

Descendants edit

  • Danish: timian
  • Swedish: timjan

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