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Welcome to Baron de Saint-Rémy's userpage!


What's behind the username?Edit

  • This username is entirely fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

About meEdit


  • Mostly I add translations and etymologies for Hungarian language or make entries for existing translations in any other language.
  • My biggest project yet was the adding of 100 and 205 word Romani list for Indo-Iranian Swadesh lists and making own entries for each word.



  • Cultures
  • Fashion
  • History
  • Linguistics (especially etymology)
  • Music

Etymological stuffEdit

Codes of the most common languages and language groups wherefrom Hungarian could borrow words directly or indirectly.

  • ar - Arabic
  • az - Azeri
  • bar - Bavarian
  • cs - Czech
  • cv - Chuvash
  • de - German
  • el - Greek
  • en - English
  • fa - Persian
  • fr - French
  • fro - French (Old)
  • grc - Greek (Ancient)
  • he - Hebrew
  • hi - Hindi
  • ira - Iranian
  • it - Italian
  • la - Latin
  • gmh - Middle High German
  • ML. - Medieval Latin
  • NL. - New Latin
  • ota - Ottoman Turkish
  • pl - Polish
  • ro - Romanian
  • rom - Romani
  • ru - Russian
  • sh - Serbo-Croatian
  • sl - Slovene
  • sla - Slavic
  • slo - Slovak
  • tr - Turkish
  • trk - Turkic
  • uk - Ukrainian
  • yi - Yiddish
  • Finno-Ugric {{proto}}
  • Ugric {{proto}}
  • Uralic {{proto}}

Script templatesEdit

  • Arab - Arabic
  • Cyrl - Cyrillic
  • Deva - Devanagari
  • fa-Arab - Persian
  • Grek - Greek
  • Hani - Chinese
  • Hebr - Hebrew
  • Jpan - Japanese


Swadesh listsEdit


External linksEdit

Romani resourcesEdit
Bilingual glossariesEdit

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