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Turk +‎ -ish. Doublet of turquoise.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈtɜː.kɪʃ/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈtɝ.kɪʃ/, [ˈtɚ.kɪʃ], [ˈtɐ˞.kɪʃ]
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  1. The official language of Turkey, Republic of Cyprus (alongside Greek) and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
    Synonym: Anatolian Turkish
  2. Synonym of Turkic
    • 2001, C. Edmund Bosworth, editor, A Century of British Orientalists, 1902-2001, page 97:
      This dictionary for Chaghatay Turkish (although it also contains much material for what the author calls 'Rūmī', i.e. south-western Turkish, above all, Ottoman) is the Sanglakh of an obscure eighteenth-century compiler
    • 2003, Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Culture and Learning in Islam, page 256:
      M.A. Òerbak considers Chaghatay Turkish a period of Uzbek.
    • 2011, Talat S. Halman, ‎Jayne L. Warner, A Millennium of Turkish Literature, page 6:
      [...] these works include stories of the battles the Turks fought against the Chinese, a variety of legends, and numerous specimens of verse (found mostly in Chinese translation) written in Uyghur Turkish.
    • 2011, Elif Batuman, The Possessed:
      And my uncle always shouted: “Uzbek Turkish is very close to our Turkish language!”
    • 2022, Dominic Lieven, In the Shadow of the Gods: The Emperor in World History:
      It was Navai who through his poetry almost single-handedly turned his native Chaghatay Turkish into a literary language.



Turkish (not comparable)

  1. Of, from, or pertaining to Turkey, the Turkish people or the Turkish language.
    • 2021 January 19, Kellogg et al, Higher Lessons in English: A work on English Grammar and composition[1], Prabhat Prakashan:
      When a question was asked, would put on a mysterious look. Shake his head. Smoke in silence. Observe, at length, he had doubts. Presided at the council, in state. Swayed a Turkish pipe instead of a scepter. Known to sit with eyes closed ... []
    Synonym: Anatolian Turkish
  2. Synonym of Turkic
    • 1962, Gerard Clauson, Turkish and Mongolian Studies, page 37:
      [...] in Mongolian and some Turkish languages
    • 1982, András Róna-Tas, Chuvash Studies, page 119:
      Old Turkish began with the separation, formation and consolidation of the independent Turkish languages.
    • 2007, László Károly, Turcology in Turkey: selected papers, page 458:
      This is openly a characteristics of Chaghatay and other Eastern Turkish languages and dialects.
    • 2019, Pamela Kyle Crossley, Hammer and Anvil:
      In the Timurid empire, the Chaghatay Turkish language, which became the standard of the Timurid court, was part of the eastern branch of Turkic languages.



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