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My father migrated from Rize to Istanbul when he was an adult and met my mother, they married. My maternal grandparents was also migrated from Trabzon to Istanbul. I've been my both homelands in Eastern Blacksea region. But I lived in Istanbul with my family. Now I'm studying in Kocaeli.

I tried to learn many languages before. I met with some Georgians in Rize and tried to learn Georgian language with my Georgian friends. But I know only basics now like hi!, how are you?. It was hard, I couldn't make it and I did not keep learning when I was back home, Istanbul. I also tried to learn Russian but it was also difficult.

I know some Arabic but only basic conversations. And I don't really remember when I learned them.

My native language is Turkish but I know many things about other Turkic languages. I can speak only Turkish and Kazakh but I can easily understand Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Turkmen languages too. Azerbaijani is like my second native language, I exactly can understand it as well. I also worked on Sakha (Yakut) and Chuvash languages. I can't understand them but know the grammar.

My English is not excellent but very good. I give myself four out of five.

I accidentally learned some Hungarian.

I am learning German and Chinese right now. I don't want to begin any new language, just want to improve them. I think Chinese is easy but I don't know what to do with German. It's really complicated with articles. I actually had German lessons at school and I'm trying to keep it in my mind.

I'm working on Turkic entries and related entries to Turkic languages here. I sometimes add Eastern Blacksea dialects that I noticed.

I'm 20.