TL;DR: Multilingual Hong Konger that doesn't shut up about the Word of GouldEdit

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A bit about meEdit

I started learning random languages when I was around 8. I grew up trilingual, but my school in the UK forced me to pick more, so eventually it just piled up

Majority of composition can be found on MuseScore. Several have been performed in real life by musicians of relatively high quality

Currently working on expanding data in Wiktionary’s Sinitic languages


Cantonese YueEdit

My native language, though unfortunately got sidelined by English when growing up. My pronunciation is not fully on-point though I do not have very many mergers. My speech has the 2-5 and 3-6 tone mergers as well as occasional ŋ-ø and final t-k mixups


My idiolect cannot be well classified into any distinct variety though it most resembles Cultivated Hong Kong English with a little bit of MLE. All my back vowels are distinct however there are some words that enter the wrong lexical set


Standard + Mando
I started learning Stando at kindergarten due to the education system, and hence it is at a conversational level. My idiolect is not distinctly YUe influenced however it does have some traits that are distinct to Shanghainese or Cantonese, such as occasional mixups between 1 and 4 as well as not being able to tell 平翹平翘 at times

Shanghainese WuEdit

My maternal heritage language. Due to my paternal grandmother living with my family when growing up, my family primarily used Hokkien when not speaking one of the three official languages of Hong Kong. I have started learning Shanghainese since late 2021 and now I am at around B2 level. I can understand nearby Northern Wu languages fairly well though I cannot speak any. Northern Wu is also my area of expertice in terms of linguistics


My paternal side comes from Amoy, and since they have all moved to Hong Kong, I get to hear it very often. I seldom speak it though I can understand it to a considerable level


During the 2020 summer holiday I sat on my chair and had a thought that I should learn Dutch. Nu ik kan een beetje Nederlands spreken. However, I have not used it or practiced any for quite a while so unfortunately I cannot comfortably use it around people


I do a bit of academic Latin and conversational Latin and I'm taking it for GCSE. My grades aren't great but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

French, GermanEdit

Both also my GCSE subjects and I can speak both to around B1-B2 level

Classical GreekEdit

I was considering taking it for GCSE as well but after studying it for a year I kind of gave up


Will learn when I have time. I know the basics of Nissart though I cannot speak much