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Hello, I am Robin (m)! I live in Flanders.

Info edit

I'm active on Wikimedia Incubator (incubator:User:SPQRobin) and Translatewiki (translatewiki:User:SPQRobin). See meta:User:SPQRobin (also SUL) for more info.

I sometimes work on Dutch, and also on languages in which I am interested. It is not possible to say which languages it are because it changes continuously :-) But these are mostly Germanic and Celtic languages.

For the languages I know, see at the right, or see m:User:SPQRobin/babel for more detailed information.

Breton edit

Nouns edit


* {{IPA|/blabla/|lang=br}}




Mutated nouns edit



# {{br-noun-mutated|NOUN}}

Dutch edit

Adjectives edit



# {{nl-adj-inflected|ADJECTIVE}} (for all forms ending in -e)
# {{nl-adj-comp|ADJECTIVE (for comparatives)
# {{nl-adj-sup|ADJECTIVE}} (for superlatives)

Verb edit

{{nl-verb-table|vind|vindt|vond|vonden|gevonden<!-- following is optional -->|sep=vinden|inf=vinden|prespart=vindend}}
  • See /sandbox.
  • To do: separable verbs in a subclause aren't separable (compare: hij gaat weg - ik wil dat hij weggaat), so this needs to be mentioned in the conjugation table.

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See /template.

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