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Etymology edit

From Latin affricātus.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): (noun) /ˈæf.ɹɪ.kət/, /ˈæf.ɹɪ.keɪt/, /ˈæf.ɹə.kət/, /ˈæf.ɹə.keɪt/
  • IPA(key): (verb) /ˈæf.ɹɪ.keɪt/, /ˈæf.ɹə.keɪt/
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Noun edit

Examples (English)

affricate (plural affricates)

  1. (phonetics) A sound produced using a combination of a plosive and a fricative.
    Synonym: affricative
    Hypernym: obstruent

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Verb edit

affricate (third-person singular simple present affricates, present participle affricating, simple past and past participle affricated)

  1. (transitive) To produce (a plosive) as an affricate.

Derived terms edit

Italian edit

Noun edit

affricate f

  1. plural of affricata

Latin edit

Verb edit


  1. second-person plural present active imperative of affricō