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agua de jamaica




From agua + de + jamaica. From Spanish, literally "water of roselle".




agua de jamaica (plural agua de jamaicas)

  1. A beverage made from the roselle plant's sepals, usually an infusion or a soda.
    • 1994. Nicolás Kanellos, Claudio Esteva Fabregat, Thomas Weaver, "Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Anthropology: Volume 4", Page 346
      Our study in California among low-income immigrants from Mexico and first-generation Mexican Americans showed that 68 ... Tacos (-11%) "Agua de Jamaica" (-40%) "Fideos" (-22%) Meat/Vegetables (-10%) "Atole" (-40%) "Chilaquiles" (-21%)
    • 2000. Bruce Geddes, "Mexico", Page 66
      agua de Jamaica is a popular drink made by steeping the red flower of the Jamaica plant in warm ^H water and then serving it chilled
    • 2010. John Noble, Kate Armstrong, Greg Benchwick, "Lonely Planet Mexico", Page 83
      while agua de jamaica is made with dried hibiscus leaves.
    • 2010. Daniel Jacobs, John Fisher, "The Rough Guide to Mexico", Page 51
      flavoured cold drinks, of which the most common are horchata (rice milk flavoured with cinnamon) and agua de arroz (like an iced rice-pudding drink – delicious), agua de jamaica (hibiscus) or de tamarindo (tamarind).
    I really like Jarritos' agua de jamaica because they make it with real sugar and the home made agua is nasty.



From agua (water, infusion) + de (of) + jamaica (hibiscus, roselle)


  • IPA(key): /ˌaɡwadexaˈmaika/, [ˌaɣwaðexaˈmai̯ka]
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agua de jamaica m (plural aguas de jamaica)

  1. A tisane made from the roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) sepals; hibiscus tea