See also: ands, ANDs, and ånds





  1. Contraction of and has.
    • 1877, William Glenn, Brighter Days for Working Men[1], page 295:
      I’ve work on coffee ever since,
      And’s been as happy as a prince,
      And eat like other men.
  2. Contraction of and his.
    • 1668, Alexander Brome, Songs and other Poems[2], page 128:
      No ſooner the money for this was brought hither,
      But a croud of true Letters came flocking together,
      How Hotham and’s army , and others were beaten.
  3. Contraction of and is.
    • 1668, Alexander Brome, Songs and other Poems[3], page 229:
      Nay th’ Earth it ſelf, on which we tread (they ſay)
      Turns round and’s moving ſtill ; then why not they?