answer the call of nature



From the use of call of nature in reference to a need to urinate or defecate.


answer the call of nature

  1. (euphemistic) To satisfy a bodily urge to urinate or defecate.
    • 1978, Charles Lynch, "Trudeau struts and frets," Ottawa Citizen (Canada), 18 April, p. 7 (retrieved 3 Sept. 2010):
      Che [Guevera] jumped from his seat and rushed from the room, pursued by the entire press corps. Down the hall he went, and into the men's room where, surrounded by reporters, he proceeded to answer the call of nature, shouting: "Liberdad!"
    • 2007, "Europe's Highest Toilets Installed on Mont Blanc," Spiegel Online International, 24 July (retrieved 3 Sept. 2010):
      Unfortunately mountain climbers, like everybody else, need to answer the call of nature, and there are few toilet facilities on mountains.