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apo- +‎ semat(ic) +‎ -ism


aposematism (plural aposematisms)

  1. (biology) An adaptation that warns off potential predators; especially as a warning colouration
    • 2015 June, Lina María Arenas, Dominic Walter & Martin Stevens, “Signal honesty and predation risk among a closely related group of aposematic species”, in[1]:
      This could in turn make aposematism evolutionarily stable, as opposed to a constant arms race between toxicity, coloration and predator perception or toxic resistance
    • 1990, Mary K. Wicksten, ‎Texas A & M University. Sea Grant College Program, ‎American Society of Zoologists, Adaptive coloration in invertebrates: proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the American Society of Zoologists, USA: Texas A&M Sea Grant College Program, page 129:
      The co-occurrence of conspicuous coloration and noxious characteristics in many coastal marine species suggests that aposematism is a common predator deterrent in the marine environment.

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