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From Proto-Indo-European *dʰyéh₂mn̥, from *dʰyeh₂- (to notice). Cognate with Sanskrit ध्यायति (dhyāyati, think of, imagine), ध्यान (dhyāna, meditation).

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σῆμᾰ (sêman (genitive σήμᾰτος); third declension

  1. mark, sign, token
    1. a sign from the gods, an omen, portent
    2. a sign to begin something, watchword, signal, banner
    3. the sign by which a grave is known, mound, cairn, barrow
    4. a mark to show the case of a quoit or javelin
    5. a token by which one's identity or commission was certified
    6. a constellation

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