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  1. simple past and past participle of aspirate

Adjective edit

aspirated (comparative more aspirated, superlative most aspirated)

  1. (phonetics) Pronounced with an audible breath, a brief expulsion of air at the end of the sound.
    Synonym: aspirate
    Antonym: unaspirated
    Coordinate term: preaspirated
    In English, word-initial single voiceless consonants are aspirated, so that pit is pronounced [pʰɪt] but spit is pronounced [spɪt].
    In Cambodian, aspiration is phonemic, so /p/ and /pʰ/ are different phonemes.
  2. (French linguistics) In French, describing an initial letter h which, though silent, does not permit liaison or elision with the preceding word.
    The h in haine is aspirated, so one says la haine, not l'haine.

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