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bậc (, 𨀈, 𨸾, , , , 𨄑, , 󱚤)

  1. (of a ladder) a rung
  2. a stair or step
    bậc thềm
    steps to the porch
  3. (by extension) a level; a rank
  4. (arithmetic, of an exponential product, formal) a degree; a power
    luỹ thừa bậc 2 của 3 bằng 9
    the 2nd power of 3 is 9
  5. (arithmetic, of a root) a degree
    căn bậc 2 của 9 bằng 3
    the 2nd root of 9 is 3
  6. (algebra, of a monomial, polynomial, equality, equation, function, etc.) a degree; an order
    bậc 1
    1st degree; linear
    bậc 2
    2nd degree; quadratic
    bậc 3
    3rd degree; cubic
    bậc 4
    4th degree; quartic
    bậc 5
    5th degree; quintic

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms



  1. Used for respected people.
    một bậc thánh nhân
    a saint