backdrop ‎(plural backdrops)

  1. A decorated cloth hung at the back of a stage.
  2. The setting or background of a historical event.
    The president spoke outside the brick exterior of the firehouse for Ladder Company 10 and Engine Company 10, against the backdrop of a 56-foot-long bronze bas-relief depicting the towers in flames.New York Times
    • 2012 May 9, John Percy, “Birmingham City 2 Blackpool 2 (2-3 on agg): match report”[1], the Telegraph:
      Blackpool’s aggregate victory ensures Birmingham are now preparing for a potential summer of change. Manager Chris Hughton has been operating against a backdrop of financial uncertainty all season and last night Peter Pannu, the vice-chairman, announced that the club’s accounts would finally be published next week, and that a new investor had been identified.



backdrop ‎(third-person singular simple present backdrops, present participle backdropping, simple past and past participle backdropped)

  1. (transitive) To serve as a backdrop for.
    a brilliant sunset backdropping the famous skyline


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