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back +‎ stop


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backstop (plural backstops)

  1. A thing or a person put in the rear or in the back of something to reinforce, hold, support.
  2. A default arrangement that holds if all else fails.
    • The Express, 7 June 2018
      Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar, this morning, said a time-limited backstop would be unacceptable, and has previously promised to vote down the UK’s Brexit withdrawal deal unless it features a satisfactory backstop.
    • The Irish Times, 17 November 2018
      "The 2½ years since have been about hammering home these points in any European capital that would listen. And in spite of capacity-sapping talks on the first point – Brexit, border and backstop – the Department of Foreign Affairs and other government departments have been working quietly to make good on the second.
  3. (baseball) A wall or fence behind home plate.
  4. (baseball slang) A catcher; the position of catcher.
  5. (rounders) The player who stands immediately behind the striking base.
  6. (cricket, dated) The longstop.
  7. (cricket, dated) The wicket-keeper.



backstop (third-person singular simple present backstops, present participle backstopping, simple past and past participle backstopped)

  1. (transitive) To serve as backstop for.
  2. (transitive) To bolster, support.
    • 2013 March 26, Douglas Busvine and Darya Korsunskaya, “Russia backstops Cyprus bailout despite anger”, in Reuters[1]:
      Russia signalled on Monday it would backstop the European Union's bailout of Cyprus despite anger that the weekend rescue deal would impose heavy losses on uninsured depositors, many of them Russian.