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beer o'clock




beer o'clock (uncountable)

  1. (slang, humorous) The time of the first beer (or alcoholic beverage) of the day.
    • 1999, Christopher Somerville, The Observer, 22 Feb 1999:
      Pack an esky with ice-cold bottles of Cooper's Green Label and head down to Holloways Beach, just north of Cairns, around beer o'clock on a Friday afternoon.
    • 1999, Stephen King, The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon:
      He let her go and stood up. "I also believe it's beer o'clock. You want some iced tea?"
    • 2007, Gillian Nicholson, The Way to the Sea:
      ‘Maybe we should offer to fence it, just around the house,’ I suggest to Christo at beer o'clock on the veranda.