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From be- +‎ gay.


begay (third-person singular simple present begays, present participle begaying, simple past and past participle begayed)

  1. (transitive) To make cheerful or merry.
    • 1925, Louise Jordan Miln, The soul of China: glimpsed in tales of today and yesterday:
      For Lu was the girl she seemed, and Wang was a boy — a boy, dressed in girl's clothes, even to the crimson ribbons of maidenhood begaying his hair: [...]
    • 2007, Robert H. F. Carver, Search ResultsThe Protean ass:
      When in the oration ther is nothing rightly and properly spoken, but all is to muche befigured and begayed.
    • 1985, Percy Grainger, Kay Dreyfus, The farthest north of humanness:
      I find it the finest land & folk yet, finer even than Denmark & the Danes, though truly not so begaying & behopefulling.