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From Middle English chereful, cherful, equivalent to cheer +‎ -ful.



cheerful (comparative more cheerful, superlative most cheerful)

  1. Noticeably happy and optimistic.
    Synonyms: bright, bubbly, cheerly, ebullient, happy, joyful, merry, optimistic, vivacious; see also Thesaurus:happy
    Antonyms: depressed, miserable, sad
  2. Bright and pleasant.
    They enjoyed a cheerful room.
    • 1892, Walter Besant, chapter III, in The Ivory Gate [], New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers, [], OCLC 16832619:
      At half-past nine on this Saturday evening, the parlour of the Salutation Inn, High Holborn, contained most of its customary visitors. [] In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass.

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