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bhoy (plural bhoys)

  1. (dialect, West Coast Scottish, Ireland) Boy.
  2. A tough, a thug.

Etymology 2Edit

boy +‎ -h-


bhoy (plural bhoys)

  1. (dated, fandom slang, humorous) Boy.
    • 1952 September, Harris, Chuck, “James White Meets Me”, in Hyphen[1], number 2, page 16:
      Whilst he was searching Luna in an attempt to spot Ego, the two Irish Bhoys tried to focus the other 'scope on the bedroom of a brunette opposite.
    • 2008 February, Farey, Nic, “Chapter Four”, in Tits, Sausages and Ballet Shoes[2], page 12:
      Refreshed from my little rest, I am left to guard the turrets as the bhoy goes to fetch his beloved who has returned from her daily toils



  1. (dated, fandom slang, humorous) Exclamation of surprise, pleasure or longing.
    • 1952 September, Harris, Chuck, “James White Meets Me”, in Hyphen[3], number 2, page 15:
      assumed that the clot howling in a McCormick tenor and interspersing his shrieks with "Oh Bhoy! Oh Bhoy!" was my best friend and co-editor
    • 1962 June, Busby, Francis Marion, “With Keen Blue Eyes and a Bicycle...”, in Cry of the Nameless[4], number 161, page 14:
      Philadelphia in '53 had repercussions because they couldn't have anything resembling dancing or music. They had people parading around in costume in the meeting hall with the chairs still there. Hoo Bhoy!
    • 1995 September, Milkis, Franz H., “Ook Ook, Slobber Drool! Letters of Comment”, in The Space Cadet Gazette[5], number 3, page 28:
      Oh Bhoy! This "I dream of 4E" (Forry?) nearly unsocked myself with laughter. Reminds me somehow of Ian Banks' books that must be something like retold dreams, too.
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This fanspeak word is used instead of the standard form to indicate a fannish context or an association with science fiction fandom.