See also: bìtíng

English edit

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Verb edit


  1. present participle and gerund of bite

Noun edit

biting (plural bitings)

  1. An instance of something being bitten.
  2. (Kenya) A bite-sized snack.
    • 1997, Women in Kenya, page 20:
      Here the guests were lavishly entertained with drinks and bitings even before sitting down to dinner.
    • 2006, Kenya, page 116:
      More of a cafeteria than a purebreed coffeehouse, the neat little 21 does both full meals and snacks or 'bitings'.

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Adjective edit

biting (comparative more biting, superlative most biting)

  1. Causing a stinging sensation.
    a biting wind
  2. Cutting or incisive.
    a biting criticism
  3. Tending to bite.
    a biting insect

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Danish edit

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From bi- (by-) +‎ ting (thing).

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biting c (singular definite bitingen, plural indefinite biting)

  1. a matter of secondary importance

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Almost always used in the indefinite form.

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