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From Old Swedish brænna, from Old Norse brenna, from Proto-Germanic *brannijaną.



  1. (transitive) fire (heat (pottery, etc.))
  2. (transitive) to overheat food; to heat the food until it is blackened.
  3. (transitive) burn
    1. to set fire to
    2. to injure by heat or caustic chemicals
    3. to record on a read-only medium
  4. (reflexive) to hurt oneself by touching a hot object
  5. (reflexive) to get badly sunburned
  6. (reflexive) to get stung by nettles or similar
  7. to hurt; as of a sunburn
  8. to produce liquor (especially illegally)
  9. to produce calcium oxide (burnt lime) from calcium carbonate through heating


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