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bucco- +‎ apical


IPA(key): /ˌbʌkoʊˈeɪpɨkl̩/


buccoapical (comparative more buccoapical, superlative most buccoapical)

  1. (dentistry) Pertaining to the buccal (inner cheek) surface and apex of a tooth or its alveolus.
    1. (dentistry) In a location on the buccal and apical aspect (of a tooth or its socket).
    2. (dentistry) In a direction with buccal and apical vectors.
    • 2016, Anssari Moin D; Hassan B; Wismeijer D, “A patient specific biomechanical analysis of custom root analogue implant designs on alveolar bone stress: a finite element study”, in International Journal of Dentistry, volume 2016, DOI:10.1155/2016/8242535, PMID 27274727, pages 8242535:
      Two loads were applied to simulate anterior bite force: an oblique buccoapical force with a magnitude of 300 N set on 135° to the long axis of the implant and a vertical force in apical direction to the long axis of the implant with a magnitude of 150 N […].

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