buccula (plural bucculas)

  1. A fold of fat beneath a chin



From bucca +‎ -ula.


buccula f (genitive bucculae); first declension

  1. little cheek or mouth
    pressa Cupidinis buccula.
  2. (military) the beaver, part of a helmet which covers the mouth and cheeks
    bucculas tergere.
  3. (military) two cheeks, one on each side of the channel in which the arrow of the catapulta was placed


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative buccula bucculae
Genitive bucculae bucculārum
Dative bucculae bucculīs
Accusative bucculam bucculās
Ablative bucculā bucculīs
Vocative buccula bucculae


  • English: buckle
  • French: boucle


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