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From alteration of earlier bunny (lump, swelling), from Middle English bony, boni (bunion, swelling); or perhaps from Italian bubbone, an augmented form of Italian bugno (beehive); More likely from Lombard bugnon (bunyon). Middle English, Lombard and Italian words from Old French bugne, buigne, bune (bump, knob, swelling), from Old Norse bunga (an elevation, bulge) or from Old Frankish *bungjo (a swelling, lump, bump), both Old Norse and Old Frankish from Proto-Germanic *bungô, *bunkô (lump, clump, heap, crowd), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰenǵʰ- (thick, dense, fat). Cognate with Dutch bonk (lump, clump), German Bunge (swelling, tuber).



bunion (plural bunions)

  1. (pathology) A bump or bulge on the first joint of the big toe caused by the swelling of a sac of fluid under the skin.
  2. (colloquial, by extension) Hallux valgus, deviation of the big toe from its normal position towards the other toes, the prime cause for the swelling of its first joint.


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From the Ancient Greek βούνῐον (boúnion).



būnion n (genitive būniī or būnī); second declension

  1. a type of turnip
    • c. 77 CE – 79 CE, Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia 20.11
      Nāpōrum duās differentiās et in medicīnā Graecī servant. angulōsīs foliōrum caulibus, flōre anētī, quod būnion vocant, pūrgātiōnibus fēminārum et vēsīcae et ūrīnae ūtile dēcoctum, pōtum ex aquā mulsā vel sūcī drachmā; sēmen dysintericīs tostum trītumque in aquae calidae cyathīs quattuor. sed ūrīnam inhibet, sī nōn līnī sēmen ūna bibātur.
      The Greeks also preserve two distinct types of turnip in medicine. Having angular leafstalks (and) a flower (like that) of dill, (the turnip) they call the “bunion” (is) useful boiled (and) drunk in mead or in a drachma of juice for women's purgings and for the bladder and for the urine; the seed, toasted and ground, in four ladlesful of warm water, (is useful) for people with dysentery. It prevents urination, however, if one (drachma) of linseed is not drunk.
  2. (perhaps) earthnut, Bunium ferulaceum


Second declension, Greek type.

Case Singular Plural
nominative būnion būnia
genitive būniī būniōrum
dative būniō būniīs
accusative būnion būnia
ablative būniō būniīs
vocative būnion būnia

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