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cão (etymology 1)


Etymology 1Edit

From Old Portuguese can, from Latin canis, canem, from Proto-Italic *kō (accusative *kwanem), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱwṓ (accusative *ḱwónm̥). Compare Galician can, Spanish can, Catalan ca, French chien, Italian cane, Romanian câine and Aromanian cãne.


cão m (plural cães, feminine cadela, feminine plural cadelas)

  1. dog
    Synonyms: cachorro (Brazil), perro (rare)
Usage notesEdit

In Brazil, cão is somewhat formal, and cachorro is the most common term in neutral or informal contexts.

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Etymology 2Edit

cão (etymology 2)

From Old Portuguese cão, from Latin cānus (gray), from Proto-Italic *kaznos, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱas-.


cão (feminine singular , masculine plural cãos, feminine plural cãs, comparable)

  1. white-haired
    Synonym: grisalho

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