See also: cang, cáng, càng, câng, cāng, cảng, and cǎng

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Particularly: “What exactly is the source though? The non-Sinitic Trans-Himalayan subgroup closest geographically to Vietnamese is Loloish/Ngwi, where this root is pretty much absent.”

From Proto-Vietic *kaŋh (leg, foot), from a Sino-Tibetan language. Compare Proto-Karen *khaŋᴮ (foot; leg) (whence S'gaw Karen ခီၣ် (khaẁ)), Tibetan རྐང (rkang) (as in རྐང་པ (rkang pa), Western Tamang कङ् (kaŋ, leg).

Usually theorized as being from Old Chinese (OC *m-kʰˤeŋ-s) (B-S) (SV: hĩnh), derived from the same Sino-Tibetan root, but the vowel correspondence is irregular.

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cẳng ()

  1. (chiefly Central Vietnam, Southern Vietnam, colloquial) leg
    Synonyms: chân, giò

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Derived terms