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From Latin cantharis, from Ancient Greek κανθαρίς (kantharís).

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cantharis (plural cantharides)

  1. singular of cantharides

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Latin Edit

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From Ancient Greek κανθαρίς (kantharís, blister-beetle), of uncertain origin. Possibly related to the toponym Κάνθαροσ (Kántharos), a port of Piraeus, which is a Pre-Greek name. Also compare Akkadian 𒅗𒀭𒁕/𒌨𒌋 (cup).

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Noun Edit

cantharis f (genitive cantharidis); third declension

  1. The Spanish fly, Lytta vesicatoria, and the poison of it.
  2. A worm injurious to the vine and rose.

Declension Edit

Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative cantharis cantharidēs
Genitive cantharidis cantharidum
Dative cantharidī cantharidibus
Accusative cantharidem cantharidēs
Ablative cantharide cantharidibus
Vocative cantharis cantharidēs

Descendants Edit

  • English: cantharis

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