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From New Latin ōs carpāle, from Ancient Greek καρπός (karpós, wrist).


carpale (plural carpalia)

  1. (anatomy) One of the bones or cartilages of the carpus, especially one of the series articulating with the metacarpals.
    • 1891, The Annals and Magazine of Natural History (page 201)
      [] this being the case the bone in question contains at any rate the centrale, and I see no reason why the carpale 2 should have quite disappeared.
    • 1973, Radomír Čihák, Ontogenesis of the skeleton and intrinsic muscles of the human hand and foot (page 36)
      This indicates that the pisiform is really a secondary component which became the carpale during phylogenesis.
    • 2012, Jin Bo Tang, Peter C. Amadio, Jean Claude Guimberteau, Tendon Surgery of the Hand (page 10)
      The dorsal interossei are sometimes found to originate more proximal at the base of the metacarpals or even at the carpalia.

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carpale (masculine and feminine plural carpali)

  1. (anatomy) carpal

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