See also: Cher, chèr, and 'cher

English edit

Noun edit

cher (plural chers)

  1. Alternative spelling of 'cher

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Aromanian edit

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Etymology edit

From Latin pereō. Compare Romanian pier(i).

Verb edit

cher first-singular present indicative (past participle chiritã, cheritã)

  1. to perish, die
  2. to disappear, vanish

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French edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Middle French cher, from Old French cher, chier, from Latin cārum (dear, valuable), from Proto-Italic *kāros, from Proto-Indo-European *kéh₂ros, from *keh₂- (to desire, to wish).

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

cher (feminine chère, masculine plural chers, feminine plural chères)

  1. (before the noun) dear (beloved)
  2. (after the noun) expensive

Adverb edit


  1. dearly
    payer cherto pay dearly
  2. (Lyon, slang) super

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Old French edit

Adjective edit

cher m (oblique and nominative feminine singular chere)

  1. Alternative form of chier

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