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cop it (third-person singular simple present cops it, present participle copping it, simple past and past participle copped it)

  1. (Britain, slang) To get into trouble; to be punished.
    • 1915, Lyman Abbott, Ernest Hamlin Abbott, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Francis Rufus Bellamy, The Outlook
      "Oh, you'll cop it," said the recruit. "The sergeant has been here twice looking for you."
    • 1966, Maxim Gorky, Ronald Wilks, My Childhood
      He shook his black, dishevelled hair ominously and said: "You'll cop it for this!"
    • 1970, Alfred Edgar Coppard, Ninepenny Flute:
      I suppose he must have been all right, because you don't half cop it for killing a soldier.