See also: doren, Doren, Dören, døren, and dorɛn

Low German edit

Etymology edit

From Middle Low German dörren, from Old Saxon durran.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈdøːrŋ̩/, /ˈdøːrən/

Verb edit

dören (third-person singular simple present döört, past tense dörs, past participle dörst, auxiliary verb hebben)

  1. (auxiliary) to dare, venture
    Woso döörst du?
    How do you dare?
  2. (auxiliary) be allowed to, be permitted to
    Du döörst nich so laat (to) gahn
    You're not allowed to go that late.

Usage notes edit

Dören is sometimes confounded or merged with dörven.

The preterite form are sometimes used instead of the normal present forms.

Conjugation edit

Synonyms edit