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  • IPA(key): /dɪsˈkʌmfɪtɪŋ/



  1. present participle of discomfit


discomfiting (comparative more discomfiting, superlative most discomfiting)

  1. Tending to discomfit.
    • 1859, Charles Dickens, The Haunted House
      Streaker, the housemaid, too, had an attribute of a most discomfiting nature. I am unable to say whether she was of an usually lymphatic temperament, or what else was the matter with her, but this young woman became a mere Distillery for the production of the largest and most transparent tears I ever met with.
    • 12 December 2018, Charles Bramesco, AV Club A spoonful of nostalgia helps the calculated Mary Poppins Returns go down[1]
      Like the technically astounding and spiritually hollow production numbers, however, Blunt can’t situate the sentimental energy in a deeper foundation. Her excellence gets left in a sort of vacuum when paired with the fully extraneous train wreck of a visit with Meryl Streep as kooky Poppins cousin Topsy or some discomfiting soft shoe from a creaky Dick Van Dyke.