A singularization of dog days.


dog day (plural dog days)

  1. One of the dog days of summer: a late-summer day.
    • 1856, Henry David Thoreau, The Journal of Thoreau, Vol. 2, page 1 (July 30, 1856)
      This is a perfect dog-day. The atmosphere thick, mildewy, cloudy. It is difficult to dry anything. The sun is obscured, yet we expect no rain.
    • 1946, Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding
      "A terrible terrible dog day storm. Or maybe even a cyclone."
    • 1998, Nina G. Dorsch, Community, Collaboration, and Collegiality in School Reform, page 51
      August 24, 1993 was the first day of the new school year at Cedar City High School. The day dawned sunny and steamy, promising another "dog day" in southern Ohio.