Etymology 1Edit

From down +‎ -y.


downy (comparative downier, superlative downiest)

  1. Having down, covered with a soft fuzzy coating as of small feathers or hair.
    The chick's downy coat of feathers formed almost immediately to keep it warm.
  2. Sharp-witted, perceptive.
    • 1947, Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, Speech in UK House of Commons, 10th November 1947:
      The right hon. Gentleman has much more claim to the adjective downy than I have, but he really cannot catch me with that one.

Etymology 2Edit

From the noun.


downy (plural downies)

  1. A blanket filled with down; a duvet.
    • 2013, Dorothy M. Jensen, The Little Girl From 311 Travis Street, page 246:
      Went to bed with 2 downies on the bed, but the heat finally kicked in and ended with one cover and my feet sticking out.