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German numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): dreissig
    Cardinal (Germany, Austria): dreißig
    Ordinal (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): dreissigste
    Ordinal (Germany, Austria): dreißigste
    Sequence adverb (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): dreissigstens
    Sequence adverb (Germany, Austria): dreißigstens
    Ordinal abbreviation: 30.
    Adverbial (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): dreissigmal
    Adverbial (Germany, Austria): dreißigmal
    Adverbial abbreviation: 30-mal
    Multiplier (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): dreissigfach
    Multiplier (Germany, Austria): dreißigfach
    Multiplier abbreviation: 30-fach
    Fractional (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): Dreissigstel
    Fractional (Germany, Austria): Dreißigstel
    Polygon (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): Dreissigeck
    Polygon (Germany, Austria): Dreißigeck
    Polygon abbreviation: 30-Eck
    Polygonal adjective (Switzerland, Liechtenstein): dreissigeckig
    Polygonal adjective (Germany, Austria): dreißigeckig
    Polygonal adjective abbreviation: 30-eckig

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈdʁaɪ̯sɪç/ (standard)
  • IPA(key): /ˈdʁaɪ̯sɪk/ (common form in southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Hyphenation: dreis‧sig
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Numeral Edit


  1. (cardinal number) Switzerland and Liechtenstein standard spelling of dreißig.

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