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em- +‎ panoply



empanoply (third-person singular simple present empanoplies, present participle empanoplying, simple past and past participle empanoplied)

  1. (transitive) To dress in a full suit of armour.
    • 1889, Bret Harte, The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh: And Other Tales, page 55:
      It didn't appear to Herbert, however, that Mrs. Brooks exhibited any extravagant joy over the occurrence, and she almost instantly retired with her daughter into the sitting-room linking her arm in Cherry's, and, as it were empanoplying her with own invulnerable shawl.
    • 2008, Raphael Sabatini, The Hounds of God, page 177:
      Satan should be permitted so admirably and deceptively to empanoply his servants.