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From Latin e- (not) + squamula (small scales), diminutive of squama (scaly).


esquamulose (not comparable)

  1. Not covered in scales or scale-like objects; having a smooth skin.
    • 1894, James Morrison Crombie, A Monograph of Lichens Found in Britain: Being a Descriptive Catalogue of ..., Adamant Media Corporation, page 164,
      In the only British Specimen seen these are about 1 in. high, robust, entirely esquamulose, with the apothecia somewhat large, conglomerate, and having a few minute squamules intermixed.
    • 2006, James Maguire, American Bee: The National Spelling Bee and the Culture of Word Nerds : the ..., Rodale, page 79,
      Yet at the very end, both misspelled esquamulose, meaning without scales, a smooth skin.
    • 2007, Author, Spectrum Reading, Grade 5, School Specialty Publishing, page 34,
      Here is a list of some of the winning words from the last seven decades of national bees: chlorophyll, crustaceology, insouciant, chihuahua, sarcophagus, logorrhea, esquamulose, and milieu.