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From Old Irish feidm ‎(effort), from Proto-Celtic *védes-men- ‎(need-service), from Proto-Indo-European *ved.



feum m ‎(genitive singular feuma or fèim)

  1. need, necessity
    ann 'am fheum‎ ― in my time of need
    'S e am feum a thug air sin a dhèanamh.‎ ― Dire necessity made him do that.
  2. use, usefulness
    Chan eil feum annad.‎ ― There is no use in you.
    Dè is feum dha?‎ ― What is the use of it?
    Is beag feum a tha ort.‎ ― You are quite useless.
  3. poverty
  4. worth
  5. occasion
    Chan eil feum ort.‎ ― There is no occasion for (or need of) you.

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